iSystems Trading Strategy Review

iSystems Trading Strategy Review

April 8, 2018 0 By Robert_1

The iSystems platform or includes dozens of trust management strategies and hundreds of trading robots with absolute protection from financial fraud. Here are some common features for all isystems automated trading strategies:

  • A proven history of more than 10 years.
  • Automatic continuous risk control for each customer’s account.
  • Full protection of assets – customer accounts are opened directly in an American clearing broker agency with 500 million dollars of client funds
  • The broker is licensed and regulated in the USA.

Reliable statistics of successful deals, protection against fraud with customer funds, the ability to choose from dozens of strategies and form your own portfolio – iSystems is a unique alternative to PAMM-accounts.


  • First, you need a desire to increase your funds.
  • Secondly, the deposit. We recommend starting investments with the amount of $10,000 dollars, but in fact, some strategies can be successful with a lower deposit. So you can start with $ 3,000 dollars.


To do this, you need to leave an application on the site Manager will contact you and help to prepare all necessary documents. Typically, an American broker agency, Straits Financial, requests scanned copies of the passport, a certificate from the bank about the existence of an account and a registration page.


It is necessary to replenish your account it with a currency transfer, and then the broker will provide the necessary documents for currency control. As a result, the client (namely you) receives notification and access to the iSystems platform, where he can independently connect the strategies he likes. The list of stable trading systems, suitable for investment, is constantly expanding.


It’s easy to find online a portfolio of strategies suitable for investment. As a rule, the right column indicates the minimum deposit required. If you are going to trade a portfolio of strategies, and not just connect 1-2 of them, then the total amount of the deposit can be calculated as the sum of minimum deposits. To invest in one strategy, we recommend a deposit that exceeds the maximum drawdown size. Pay attention this strategy is free. That is, to connect it, you do not need to pay monthly. What an excellent option for investors with small deposits!

SUMMARY: If you still have doubts whether to invest or not using iSystems, find out more about this on platform’s official site (or others). There, you can also request documents for opening an account. Remember that that the account is opened in Straits Financial, one of the largest clearing broker agencies in the United States. Customer funds are stored on a separate segregated account, so even in the event of a bankruptcy of the broker (which in the most cases is difficult to imagine when it comes to a company regulated by the CFTC and NFA), the client will in any case receive its funds back.