Detailed description of the best Forex trading robots

Detailed description of the best Forex trading robots

October 26, 2018 0 By Robert_1

Best transaction on the Forex market – a list of the best automated systems for opening / closing orders on the currency market in order to obtain a stable passive income. The program’s algorithm contains 1 and more profitable and tested earnings strategies for the Forex market. Now everyone has the opportunity not to delve into the technical, fundamental and computer analysis of the distribution of prices. The trading robot will do everything alone!

It is important to understand that the robot works without an emotional component, opening offers only strictly in accordance with the principles of its trading strategy. The practical application of such programs can greatly simplify the trading process for many novice traders. One of the key advantages of using a trading robot is its ability to simultaneously operate on several assets, analyzing the price schedule for each of the selected currency pairs. This allows you to prepare an investment portfolio and diversify the risk.

Before the practical use of a commercial robot, it is recommended to examine the strategies used. This information can be obtained on the official websites of the developers. The effectiveness of opening / closing trade orders depends directly on the work tactics. Both paid and free transaction programs are available. The latter is recommended for use on the real account only as a last resort. This is due to the following factors:

  • the trading strategy is no longer relevant;
  • a large percentage of broken programs whose operation is aimed at the loss of initial capital;
  • It is possible to download a hacker program in the form of a commercial robot (such software is usually distributed on profile forums or neutral information resources).

To ensure stable passive income, it is recommended to prefer tested programs downloaded from official sources or purchased directly from programmers.

Before the practical use of any commercial robot, it is recommended not less than one month to check the effectiveness of his work on the demo account. This will allow the user to feel more confident when the program starts trading real funds. Below is the recommendation of trading robots that guarantee the desired result.

Abi robot

Abi robot

reyting trade robotov abi 798 pl

Welcome dear traders and seekers of passive earnings on the net! My name is Abi! I am an expert in the study of price schedules and monitoring the current situation in financial markets. I will help you multiply the start-up capital, and you will only have to go through the simple procedure of free registration. It differs from other programs by a number of characteristic features:

  • I will help to increase investment free of charge, using currency pairs and CFDs;
  • I do not need a rest, I am ready to earn money 24 hours a day without holidays;
  • My algorithm provides comprehensive application of the best transaction systems, and complex settings allow me to analyze even teak changes in the price schedule and make favorable commercial decisions;
  • I am the dream of every entrepreneur, regardless of the experience and size of the starting capital.

I can offer investors 2 cooperation options:

  1. You only need to be registered >>> and let me work with your resources for effective management;
  2. I can simply provide free trading signals that will significantly increase the initial capital in a relatively short period of time.

How will our joint work go:

  • You must first create an account on my website;
  • on your personal account you will receive a list of brokerage companies with platforms that I am compatible with;
  • open an account in the selected organization or link an already active account;
  • business terms can be found on the website of the brokerage organization itself;
  • use one of my suggestions to choose from: work independently of my signals or give it to me;
  • Monitor the increase in the initial investment.

My programmers took into account the individuality of each trader, which is why in my settings you can specify resources for work, as well as select indicators that will help me analyze price graphs. I am not trying to be proud of myself, but I recommend that you read the results of my activity in the appropriate section of the site. The total return of investors with whom I work is estimated at tens of thousands of dollars of daily net profit. Do you want me to work with you? Then do not hesitate with the registration!

If you have had bad trading experience in the Forex market, definitely take advantage of my offer. I am a real professional in my business! My work will ensure uninterrupted passive income 24/7, regardless of the actual location. For my successes, you can follow a personal cabinet after registering an account.

User reviews


Victoria 37 years old

I started working with Abi relatively recently, but I must say that this program raises my mood for a few months! It’s nice to come home after a hard day’s work and see from 10% to 30% profit !!

Alexey, 48 years old

For a long time I was looking for a high quality shopping program. when I found out about Abi, do not believe it in the beginning. Everything seemed to be too good. But out of curiosity, he decided to register and chose the Arotrade broker because he was already their client. A month he worked on a demo account and he was simply shocked! Almost 70% for 1 month and only one transaction with a small loss! On the real account the result is completely consistent! Thank you very much to the developers! Thanks to this program I was able to solve many financial problems!

Victor 42 years old

When I saw the result on the demo account, I thought it could not really be. I decided to top up my account for $ 250 due to the experiment. Then I felt with everyday problems and somehow I forgot about it. But what was my surprise to see a balance of $ 680 in a few months of Abi’s work!


About the Crypto bot robot

Crypto bot robot

Cryptocurrency speculation assumes an impressive risk, therefore, without proper education and practical experience with such resources, it is not recommended to conduct live trading in one day. If you want to enjoy the benefits of regular variations in the cost of the viola, we recommend professional help. However, not everyone can afford to work as a financial analyst and consultant, but there is an exit! Avtryptobot >>> – The best robot to trade to trade digital resources! A number of characteristic features are distinguished from similar free programs:

  • 2 year of efficient and profitable work;
  • availability of international financial awards;
  • average profitability at the level of 85% per month;
  • 100% trust from experienced traders based on the results of a specialist social survey;
  • Currently, the program enjoys more interest than active investors of 70,000.

To join the system and start receiving substantial passive income is required:

  • create a personal account on the official website of the robot;
  • select a broker or activate an active account;
  • combine the program and watch the daily capital growth.

Strategies programmed in the algorithm ensure careful monitoring of the current crypto market situation for the most popular coins. Such a chance simply can not be missed!

Reviews on the Internet about Crypto Botobot


Anastasia 28 years old

Already had a bad experience with automated trading systems, but Avtokriptobot did not just surprise and shocked !! Almost 100% profit for the month !! But despite this, I want to pay attention to one drawback: not all cryptocurrency exchanges can use an automatic robot to trade, and also not all trading platforms can provide during the demo account! But the risk is definitely worth it, because it turned out to be 100% justified!


Dmitry 34 years old

My earnings on the crypt began with mining, but recently it has become irrelevant due to the high costs of equipment and high costs of electricity. He began to look at the stock market, although he had never been involved in trade before. He only needed a source of permanent passive income. Autocrypto-Bot has lived up to all my expectations! Thank you very much to the developers!


About Forex Lady

About Forex Lady


Hello to all investors and fans of the financial markets! I am Forex Ladies, a professional in trading currency pairs and cryptocurrencies. I was recognized as the best automatic earning program in the financial markets in 2018. My approach to trading is 100% reliable and efficient! Now, novice traders do not have to understand the complexity of financial analysis and monitoring tick fluctuations in price charts. I can deal with it without help.

How to start working with me? I am willing to cooperate with everyone, but to do this you must do the following:

  • create an account on my website >>> (as a thank you for trusting everyone will have access to a demo account in $ 10,000);
  • register an account with a selected broker from the list or link an already active account;
  • complete the deposit on the broker’s website and check my settings;
  • Receive stable income without personal commitment with a 100% probability!


It’s easy to get the money I’ve earned. To do this, simply enter the card number on my website or simply use the withdrawal service in your personal broker account. If you are tired of joy for others and want to be happy for yourself, you do not have to waste time! Register and start gaining new horizons!

Reviews of users from Forex Lady


Artem 29 years old

It always seemed to me that only naive people tempted the prospect of passive earnings, but this program convinced me to try! I have been interested in the subject of financial markets for a long time, but I still have not dared to replenish the deposit and start trading. After testing on the Forex Lady demo account, I decided to try to earn money because the results were simply brilliant! In the real world, everything turned out to be even better. I recommend everyone to register and start earning! Only 5 minutes, and life can change completely for the better!


Marina 46 years old

I’ve been looking for money on the net for a long time, but I could not find what I needed. My adventure stopped when I found Lady Forex. The website was presented with the user’s profitability statistics and I decided not to waste time on the demo account. The broker 24 options have established themselves well as a binary intermediary organization. You can see this by reading reviews on independent forms. I opened the account for $ 300 and was pleasantly surprised. During the last month of Forex 3 trading, Ladies only had losing 2 transactions, which I would not notice if I did not see the transaction history. In general, I really want to thank the programming team for this program and the opportunity to use it for free!


The use of automated transaction systems is very beneficial not only for beginners, but also for professional traders. In the end, thanks to these programs you can earn up to 100% a month from the starting capital without personal commitment! The assessment of commercial robots will help you make your choice and start earning money on all financial markets!

Bot for trading in cryptocurrencies

Today we will talk about bots that help to trade cryptocurrency (bitcoin, lightcoin, ethereum, etc.) The cryptocurrency market is experiencing a real boom, so the appearance of specialized trading assistants on it was logical. Robots, which are also called forex / crypto bots, began to emerge immediately after the phenomenon of digital currency exchange appeared.

When Bitcoin began to develop quickly, there were many people who wanted to make money on this new product. But novice traders did not have the knowledge or experience in working with analytical tools. All they could do was buy the currency as cheaply as possible and sell it as expensive as possible. In fact, in order to be successful in trading the crypt, a special, deeper knowledge of the basic characteristics of cryptocurrencies is required.

Therefore, hamsters on the stock exchange trade were not always profitable, moreover, such work required a lot of nerves and time. Because this process did not seem complicated, I came up with the idea of ​​trading with the help of special robot programs. In the end there were already such assistants on the stock exchanges and they worked quite well.



Bot for cryptocurrency trading is a program that performs a series of actions in accordance with the algorithm given to it. Such a program is necessary to save a man from routine mechanical work.

The activities of robots are not particularly different from human activities. They market the cryptocurrency in the same way according to the parameters that you specify in the bot settings. There are several types of forex / crypto bots. The simplest of them buys the currency in cases when the observed price decreases and sells after raising the rate.

More complex robots use additional tools. They conclude contracts only when additional data corresponds to specific indicators (additional terms of opening the transaction). Here is a simple example. The forex / crypto bot analyzes the schedule of exchange rates for a specified number of days. If the price drop does not exceed 10-15%, the robot can buy the currency. If the price drops by 25% or more, it will not open the transaction.

There are more complex options that take into account numerous indicators. There are two types of robots on the cryptocurrency market:

  • Trading, which operate on one stock exchange. They make a profit by buying currency in cases when it is observed lowering its value and selling it when the price increases. Personally, I have positive experiences with working with the Shark bot, so I advise you to read about its peculiarities.
  • Arbitrage, trading simultaneously on several exchanges. The prices on such exchanges can vary considerably, of which the bot is used, by purchasing on one, and by placing on the second, where they pay more for the selected cryptocurrency. I have not used such bots, but this kind of robots are taking place. In fact, they perform the same tasks, so the choice is the responsibility of the trader.

Trading simultaneously



Bots that help in the cryptocurrency trade operate according to a specific strategy. It is a specific set of parameters that influence decision making. In other words, the robot works only on the basis of technical analysis of currency cryptocurrencies. Such parameters are set during the creation of the program, but the user can also set them manually, if it is provided in a specific program – bot.

The ability to determine a strategy depends on the number of parameters that can be changed. If there are a lot of them, an experienced trader skillfully uses this and gets a good profit. However, when a beginner trader tries to trade, the abundance of parameters sometimes turns out to be inadequate: a man in them will simply be confused. In the absence of experience, you can set such indicators that will cause very unpleasant consequences and trade will become unprofitable.

Therefore, for those who are not very well versed in the cryptocurrency market, strategies are developed in which parameters are already set. Some of them resemble strategies used in stock markets, others are created for certain currency pairs and so on. Sometimes the question arises whether it will not be a violation of the use of the forex / crypto bot and whether it is not forbidden.

Do not worry: many stock market owners even encourage automatic trading. Robots perform a huge number of operations for which the owner receives a commission. That’s why in the majority of websites that sell cryptocurrency, you can use such helpful programs.



One more current question – where to find such a valuable assistant. There are several ways to do this:

  1. Developing the program on your own. (for advanced users)
  2. Buying a bot (for advanced users)
  3. Free use of popular bots, for example, Autocrypto-Bot robot for trading cryptocurrencies (for beginners and advanced users) There is also a compromise option.

You can buy or download a script, which is a special base code. Then the trader makes such a script on their own according to their own needs. First, let’s consider the first method. Each cryptobot is written with the preservation of the peculiarities of a certain exchange on which trade is conducted. It is desirable that this exchange has a commercial API interface. When arbitrage bots are created, the parameters of several exchanges were determined. This term means a set of data on the state of the auction, as well as a number of functions that help you get to work with the use of the right parameters. Such a complex can provide the stock market itself. It is also possible to develop a robot without API on its own.

However, it will take more time because you will have to write all of the above yourself. Because the API is available on many exchanges, there is no point in wasting energy on developing the robot yourself. The other thing is when you just want to try or market participant does it on order. Let us now consider the singularities of buying bots. Now it is a popular and often purchased product, so you should not appear with the problem buying process. Companies usually offer different types of bots and at different times.

The price may differ quite appreciably. If you do not want to overpay, choose an economical package. Under it, you’ll get the simplest version of the robot for a month. Traders who are not too limited in funds and have some experience can choose a luxury package. It includes the unlimited use of a robot with two dozen strategies. In the middle price category you can also find interesting options. Private individuals usually create a pair of robots, set specific strategies and sell at a fixed price. If you want to create your own program, you can buy scripts from both participants and companies.

There is an exclusive option – developing the bot for an individual order. You can write to a specific stock exchange and set up the rare parameters you need. Of course, such a program will cost quite expensive. Those who do not want to pay or engage in self-development of robots often download them online. They can be both ready to work and in the form of basic programs that need refinement.

There are also robots that you do not need to download. The program works in the browser and is synchronized with the stock exchange or broker. The user enters the robot website, registers and gains access to the robot’s trading office. Free programs can often have high quality and are not inferior to paid analogues. It all depends on the personal preferences of the trader and his budget.


Both beginners and experienced traders sometimes have many questions about robots. People are interested in whether it is real to use them to make profits and in what size, if it makes sense to install them, or if there are problems with the stock market owner. Of course, every computer program has its advantages and disadvantages, so bots trading is no exception. First, I want to focus on benefits that are really numerous:

  • Time saving. Trading on cryptocurrency exchanges can bring good returns, but traders sometimes work for 10-15 hours. Unlike people, robots do not get tired and can make transactions around the clock. The owner of the bot has the opportunity to relax and do other things.
  • Wide range. Currently, hundreds of cryptocurrencies are traded on the market, which are traded by dozens of exchanges. It is impossible to work on everyone physically, and robots can do it. In addition, you can use several bots and they will exchange on different trading platforms.
  • High speed. The forex / crypto bot trades much faster than man. In working with cryptocurrencies, this is important because the price sometimes changes immediately. • Use of strategies. It is difficult for beginning traders to enter into profitable transactions. The program is often smarter and helps them in this.
  • The minimum number of errors. Of course, robots also make unsuccessful transactions, but they trade according to a precise strategy and are practically insured against incorrect calculations. A big plus of robots is the lack of emotions. When a person can lose capital or quickly get a large sum, it is difficult for him to remain cool. The robot does not need money, so it will not be nervous or dubious due to course fluctuations.

The forex / crypto bot trades



There are no perfect programs, there are also defects and crypobobots. Because the volatility of digital currencies is high, you can earn in an hour. But if we take a longer period, for example one day, man will have an advantage over the robot. The program always works in accordance with certain standards, any unusual situation may lead to a dead end. As a result, man will not earn anything or lose money.

To make a fundamental analysis can not even a complicated and expensive robot. Simple programs have even less options. There is one more serious issue, namely every bots owner should remember about the commission that is being charged by the stock exchange. If the program contains a not fully thought out strategy, it will make a huge number of transactions.

As a result, the amount of commission that will be awarded can be very high. But the trader can always set his own parameters according to which the commission will be excluded from the profit amount or the number of transactions will be limited. Finding a reliable bot that will run smoothly and meet all your requirements will take time.

Sometimes it is necessary to try several programs before a good option appears. To sum up, friends, I want to advise you: if you decide to work with a bot, you should not count only on it. Learn the basics of trading, sometimes change settings and strategies. This will help you become professionals and start trading without losses. I wish you all profitable sweats for automatic trading!